I, as a member of the interpreting and translation profession do hereby pledge to: 

  • Uphold the code of ethics for my field of specialization, while refraining from conflicts of interest that detract from the dignity of the profession or harm professionals and/or the communities we serve. 
  • Accurately represent myself, my professional experience, and my credentials at all times, including refusing work for which I do not have the proper credentials and/or skills. 
  • Continue my training and practice in order to remain proficient and professional.
  • Recognize the equal value of all professional interpreters and translators, in their various fields of specialization and modes of employment. 
  • Commit to promoting public policies that protect language access rights for the communities we serve by improving the standards and protocols of our profession.
  • Commit to protecting and promoting the rights of members of our profession.
  • Educate clients, legislators, and the general public about the nature of our work and the difference between our various specializations.  
  • Bring any harmful business, legislative, ethical, or professional practices that are detrimental to our profession and/or the communities we serve to the attention of others. 

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