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AAPTI's advocacy and member services are supported by the generosity of its members and donors.  By donating, you are helping to protect language access for the communities we serve.  All donations are kept anonymous.

* If you are interested in being a sponsor instead of donating, please see our SPONSORSHIP page. 

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Our Mission

AAPTpromotes the professionalization anadvancement otranslators and interpreters by lobbying and advocating fopublic policy that benefits the communities we serve and language professionals.


The American Alliance of Professional Translators and Interpreters is an association where like-minded language professionals can come together to  establish and protect our profession, the need for which has become increasingly apparent in the face of recent challenges. In doing so, we also protect the public in need of our highly skilled services. We demand excellence of ourselves so that the community we serve will have excellence in language access.

Educate - Advocate - Connect 

AAPTI is a 501c6 non-profit professional community seeking to connect and partner with other organizations with similar core values to achieve successful outcomes when advocating for translators, interpreters, and language access.

We are a young profession, but a resilient one that is set to expand as the demand for language access grows. AAPTI is stepping up to advocate, educate, and connect at a higher level. Please join us in building this profession together!

AAPTI is a community for alliance and partnership success; a place to share information that will contribute and guide partnership capabilities through our resources of tools, publications, learning, education, certification, networking, and other professional opportunities.

AAPTI members represent a cross-section of the various fields of translation and interpretation; judicial, medical, conference, governmental, educational, and students to name a few. 

AAPTI is actively developing this platform for its members to congregate, collaborate and discuss ideas related to best practices through our private forums. A place where support, questions and answers, and collegiality are encouraged so that we can achieve quality and professionalism in language access. 

Our Commitment 

AAPTI is committed to:

    • Work with legislators by providing expert assistance and inpuiunderstanding how language professionals work in the private sector. Lobby on behalf of the entirety of the profession.
    • Work with our local representatives and offer access to our AAPTI professional directory.
    • Work with government agencies, universities, bar associations, and other organizations by providing guidance in best practices when working with translators and interpreters for creating accreditation programs and RFPs and provide continuing education presentations on how to work with interpreters in different settings.
    • Work with other nonprofits to provide, educate, and assisithe creation of language access in their organization.
    • Serve the language professionals who arcertified, accredited, licensed, registered, and those seeking professional credentials who serve the non-Englisspeaking immigrants. Monitor new legislation and advocate on behalf of the profession.
    • Create directories and/or provide useful links that will serve the general public in obtaining a credentialed translator or interpreter for their specific needs.
    • Create a low-cost to no-cost program tassist individuals in need and match individuals who need professional interpreting services with professionals in order to facilitate language access in their communities with specific needs, including a volunteer program 

About us

We are a membership-based organization dedicated to promoting accredited translators and interpreters to ensure equitable language access for everyone.

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Join with other eager advocates who want to make a difference in the lives of people who use language services. 


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