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Sacramento, Cal. – Feb. 9, 2023 -- AAPTI will spearhead an initiative to obtain licensure for language professionals in California. The Oversight Licensing Board will establish statewide standards of practice for all interpreters and translators and to act as a regulatory body to protect the public from the detrimental consequences of critical communication errors. 

We have witnessed critical translation errors with far-reaching consequences; US-based businesses hire offshore workers who are not language professionals but simply bilinguals. Furthermore, underqualified individuals are posing as certified interpreters.

Our goal is to establish fundamental skills and performance standards as well as gain greater recognition as language professionals. Licensure will lead to the preservation of high standards and rates commensurate with the skills required. Esther M. Hermida added: “These standards will accomplish our most important task of protecting the  public from unscrupulous parties and dishonest practices."

AAPTI is committed to the professional development of interpreters and translators by supporting them on several levels. From the start, we have listened to the needs of language professionals and reached out to leaders of other organizations and stakeholders to explain the key challenges facing our profession. AAPTI is aware that, due to a lack of oversight, undertrained and underqualified interpreters are working in the private and public sectors. 

With the help of our government affairs consultant, AAPTI has also drafted a concept paper that will be circulated at the legislative level to raise awareness about this initiative and the importance of licensure. 

The American Alliance of Professional Translators and Interpreters has members across the country. “We are taking the first step in the licensing effort in California. If we succeed, we intend to take this initiative nationwide,” says Angie Birchfield, VP and Legislative Chair of AAPTI. This effort will validate all translators and interpreters who have worked to become subject matter experts.  

AAPTI recognizes that this collective effort will take time. We count on the support of our colleagues and organizations who share our vision for the profession.

Contact: Angie Birchfield, Co-founder, Vice President, and Chair of the Legislative Committee. Email: angie.birchfield@aapticonnect.org 661-212-2784

The American Alliance of Professional Translators and Interpreters – AAPTI promotes the professionalization and advancement of translators and interpreters by strategically advocating for public policy that benefits the communities we serve and language professionals. Visit aapticonnect.org



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